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Excise Values Not Flowing in J1IIN-(export Excise Invoice)

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Hai ALL,

I have gone through the previous threads,

with those replies, my purpose hasnt solved.

req: -

" I am creating Export Excise invoice - J1IIN ( wrt : Export Invoice-VF01), Maintained "Subtransaction type- EX Exports"-

did the rel config: specify G/L accounts for ETT.

- Excise values flowing from VF01- J1IIN for domestic sales, but the same is not flowing into Export Excise Invoice-" -

my doubt is: Do the Excise Values flow to Export Excise Invoice from Comm.Invoice. ( As in Exp.Exc.Invoice, system will not generate any accounting entries).

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Answers (3)

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I havent applied USEREXIT yet-

I believe that as per the reply from MBS. I hope my issue will be resolved. If not, I will get back.

Time beeing am closing this Thread.

MBS: YOur reply, clears my confusion-

Thanks a lot to others-

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In case of Export sales all excise values are flow from Commercial invoice to Excise Invoice, otherwise how you cannot create ARE1 with values.

Also the accounting entries are not generated after the Excise invoice is saved for that you have to click on either on BOND or LUT in Utilization tab.



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I dont know,

But Iam able to create ARE-1, J1IA101, wrt :Export Exc Invoice ( w/o values) & able to save the ARE-1 too.

as you said, I have checked in "BOND UT-1" tab, & choose "Bond where else used", system prompts with "List of ARE documents" - w/o values.

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Have you gone through this thread ??

[Regarding Basic Excise Duty in Export Excise Invoice|]


G. Lakshmipathi

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I have gone through the thread pasted in ur above reply.

In that, I have done all those config, in which he has mentioned to maintain.

in my Config:

Classify Cond types:

Pricing Proc-JINFAC - JEXP - AR BED /JCEP- AR Edcess.

where as in my Exp PP: i have maintaied


JCEP- EdCess

JA1X - SHEcess

same values flowing in Comm Invoice into Exp Excise Invoice.but,when I choose in "account balance"- -LoU type- "Calculate Tax" - Values Become "Zero" -

Is there anything effecting from Bond Type"LoU- Letter of Undertaking" -


you want me to maintain , JA1X for JINFAC also.

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There is no meaning in creating ARE1 document if the values does not get reflected in ARE1 document.

Now coming your issue, If the values are getting nullified while clicking on utilization tab and changing the Excise Invoice Type, then please use the below user exit and check: I

Kindly use the user exit J_1I7_USEREXIT_DUTY_IN_EXPORT here pass the

field SUPPRESS_CALCULATION value as 'X' then this problem can be solved.

Also please note that you have to maintain same setting as of your pricing procedure to JINFAC under Classlify condition type for all the excise condition types which you are using. This is because JINFAC is hardcoded in the programme.

Also note that you have to maintain condition reocrd for 357 table in VK11. For ARE1 or ARE3 document values will get updated from this condition record along with the excise invoice. To have this 357 table you have to use the SAP STANDARD ACESS SEQUENCE JEXC in all your excise condition types.

Kindly follow the above steps, you will get 100% result.

Still if you face any issues please revert back to me, Will resolve the issue..



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Thanks to you MBS.

Def'y i will apply the USEREXIT as said above & let u know.

You mean to say, we have to mantain Cond Record for all Excise Cond types in VK11 for

Cond table:357 - Country/Plant/Control Code(Chapter ID).

when we export these goods.


Yes, there is no point creating ARE-1 w/o values, but system is allowing to create it.

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IN export sales,

I have maintained ED cond types as "Statistical" so that the values should not considered in Net value calculation. - which is working fine & Accounting documents for ED wont generate.

I have created Exp.Exc Invoice-J1IIN (with ref to- Comm.Invoice & Sub transaction type - EX_exports)- ED values in Comm Inv- flowing to Exp Exc Invoice. - In utilization tab- when change "Exc.Invoice type" - LoU, values become Zero- ( as MBS said, will take help of ABAPer to write the code "Suppress_calculation - "X"- )

But, can you confirm, that when we save Exp Exc Invoice- will accounting doc's generated or not-

( I expect, A/c'g docs will not generate- am i rite?)

after this, I have updated RG1-J1i5 (with Classification - IWE, RMA is done when GR from Production), Extract/print-RG1 - J2I5/J2I6.

Now create ARE-1 - J1IA101 ( wrt : Exp Exc Invoice) - mark the "Print ARE document"- Entered the "Bond" details in "BOND UT-1" tab. & save.

next, Post ARE-1 , Update ARE-1 & finally Close ARE-1.

"When we close ARE-1"?

is my understading above is rite??

pls suggest

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Please note that in following cases system DONOT generate accounting entries;

1.Deemed Export



Only in case of NO BOND system will generated accounting entries.

This is just for your information that there is no link between RG1 and Creating ARE1 document.

Once you are finished with excise invoice then you can proceed further creating ARE1 document.

Updating RG1 you can perform end of every day.