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Excise on Higher amt & VAT on Lesser amt

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D/ Friends,

Scenario is: We purchased a material from a dealer for Rs. 2,00,000. But the dealer had in turn purchased from the manufacturer for Rs. 3,00,000 & therefore passed on the Excise levied on Rs.3,00,000. But dealer charged the VAT on Rs.2,00,000+ Excise on Rs.3,00,000. So how to do this customization in PO? Weu2019re using TAXINJ. Pls advice.

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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For this you can create separate tax code and same can be assigned in the PO

For this tax code in FTXP you can adjust the value of VAT condition Hope you are using JVRD against this condition you can adjust the % assume

Basic- 200000

Excise 10% = 20000

Ecess- 2% = 400

She cess- 1% = 200

Total =220600

VAT =4% As per SAP standard it will calculate on 220600

But as per your requirement it has to calculate on 300000 + Excise duties

No issue you can do this but need to go from bottom to arrive the % of VAT to match the total value. Here is calculation for your requirement. Hope this is clear you

Basic 300000 200000

BED 10 30000 20000

ED CESS 2 600 400

SHE CESS 1 300 200

Total 330900 220600 220600

VAT 4 13236 8824 13236

Total 344136 229424 233836

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if you purchase material form delear 200000 rs you pay VAT and excise on that amount only ,

if you sell the material 300000 rs to that delear ,delear have to pay to you on that 300000 rs

for example you pay vat and excise as 100 rs

you get 200 rs(vat and excise) from delear

200(you get)-100(you pay)=100 rs

you have to pay 100 rs to governament

this is standard india policy you can't change the policy