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Excise Issue

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Hi Experts,

Our Client is a trader.They are presently working on Tally.The scenario is something like below :

The Client Orders for Goods(Excisable Goods) to their supplier and receives Tax Invoice on goods delivery which has following schema :

Ex. Basic Amount (Calculated Quantity*Rate) : 153,000.00

Excise Duty @10% BED : 15,300.00

Edu. Cess @2% : 306.00

HECess @1% : 153.00

Total : 168,759.00

Less Cash Discount : 2750.00

Taxable Amount : 166,009

CST VAT @ 2% : 3320

Freight Paid : 18,000

Gross Amount : 187,329.00

They create Purchase Voucher with gross amount entered and quantity received that calculates the price per unit in terms of Gross amount . They dont want to consider Discounts and VAT and Freight.

Later they Update the Excise Info where Assessable Amount is treated to be 153,000.00 and BED@14%,Cess and HCess are calculated on Assessable amount .

this System is to be mapped in SAP B1 . But as per current analysis , we find this system to be mapped like this

1. Creating a GRPO with line total=gross total without tax i.e. 187,329.00

2. Creating Incoming Excise Invoice on Assessable Amount i.e. on 153,000.00

3. Creating A/P Invoice on gross total again .But During A/P Invoicing the Tax is furthur calculated on Gross total ( Line Total in this case) Copied from GRPO . That alters the document total to greater value. If we somehow agin alter and adjust this document total , System creates a negative Discount and Raw Materials account is furthur affected .

If we change the line total also the same wrong effect is noticed .

Plz Guide and Help us in this scenario .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is trading excise scenario, use Assessable value field for tax calculation, your problem will be solved.


Kamlesh Vagal

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