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Excise invoice posting

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Dear All,

We are using CIN , during the excise invoice creation, the posting of the excise invoice is not happening. We are using No Bond option for the exports. the billing document is created the excise also will be created. I checked the pricing procedure in billing. the conditons are not statisticall.

When i create the excise invoice manually , the accounting document is generated and the excise invoice is posted. But when do it automatically its not generated.

I have search ed the forum and made all those changes..but no luck.

Please let me know, wat am i missing.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (3)

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Thanks all for the Answeres. The issue is resolved. All the settings you said were already existing. I deleted the existing procedure and created a fresh new and assigned. Like a magic it worked. Hope this stays and no issue raises in QA. Thanks all.

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Hai thenmozhi s,

When you can create Excise invoice manually and in case if it is not getting generated automatically, please Check

IMG-Tax on Goods Movements-India-Basic Settings-Maintain Excise Groups

Against the particular excise group, check whether CREATE EI check box is having TICK.

Put a Tick mark if its not ter.

Hope this will solve the issue.

All the best.



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Since the accounting document is generated when you generate manually, I dont know why it is not happening when you generate automatically. In fact, here automatic means through which TCode, you were executing. Nevertheless, this could not be due to missing IMG settings but due to some exit.


G. Lakshmipathi