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excise invoice display

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hi all,

which t.code is used for CIN version to view the excise invoices posted throu me21n??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello raghav,

From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Indirect Taxes-> Sales/Outbound Movements-> Excise Invoice->For Sales Order->Outgoing Excise Invoice Create/Change/Display ® …

If you want to create the excise invoice with reference to a pro forma excise invoice or commercial invoice, choose Excise Invoice-> Display

If you want to create the excise invoice with reference to a delivery note, choose Exc. inv. for deliver-> Display.

Enter the number of the reference document.

If you do not know the document number, you can search for it by choosing Due list

Hope I had been able to help you. please assign points.



Choose .

The excise invoice screen appears. The header data is displayed at the top; the line items, which the system has copied from the reference document, are displayed at the bottom.

Enter header data as required.

To check if the utilization is done properly and the document is ready for posting, choose .

To enter texts for the excise invoice, choose .

To display the balances of the CENVAT accounts, choose Balances.

To display the utilization details, choose .

Save the excise invoice.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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here i am using 4.6C, so i cant find this path. kindly give the of the above.