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Exchange Rates

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When uploading the exchange rates, we get the error "overflow when converting from 12022.229" though in exchange rate configuration translation i have set the currencies to the 10000:1 so it should not throw the error. Is there anything in exchange rate configuration to fix this without having to change the program in ABAP. Heard somewhere that this issue can be tackled with configuration without the need of changing ABAP program. If someone has been through similar issue,can i please get some assistance on how to do it. Thanks.

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Answers (2)

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Check user parameters, the number format may be different from 123.11. It could be something like 123,11 .

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THe error is due to the limitation of upto 9999.99999 in TCURR. There is a way to enter higher then this exchange rates through transalation ratios, still the error shows up. Can somebody please tell me is there any additonal configuration needed apart from translation ratios for exchange rates higher than 9999.99999?

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Only the ratios are needed, but then your entry in Tcurr should reflect this.

SInce you have a ratio of 10000:1 your entry should be 1.xxxxx for the rate.

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Here is the scenario. we have exchange rate 12022.229 in a flat file along with other exchange rates and upload it automatically to TCURR. Since this exc rate is higher than 9999.99999 it throws error "overflow when converting from 12022.229"

I have maintained the transaltion ratio 100:1 and 1:100, then tired 10:1 and 1:10 , even then the error still comes up. I thought that changing the exc rate in the flat file to 1202.2229 will resolve the issue and the translation ratios maintained will take care of the currency translation and it did but the client is not comfortable as it becomes manual to first change the exchange rate in the flat file and then upload it instead of how it automatically gets uploaded now.

Is there a way to upload this flat file to TCURR without changing 12022.229 exchange rate.


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Please check translation ratios in OBBS

Also check the exchange rate type and from currency and to currency.

may be it will 1:10000


Murali. n

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I tried it still the error is there. This is the error

Error analysis

An exception occurred. This exception is dealt with in more detail below

. The exception, which is assigned to the class 'CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW',

was neither

caught nor passed along using a RAISING clause, in the procedure

"TEXT_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE_FORMAT" "(FORM)" Since the caller of the procedure could not have expected this exceptio

to occur, the running program was terminated.

The reason for the exception is:

When attempting to convert the value "12022.229 "

an overflow occurred.

Could it be due to ABAP program error or is there anything in the configuration that need to be done. I thought it could be fixed by configuration but doesnt seem to work.

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Check the following notes whether it helps you:-

Note 1045202 - Firefighter Back Report /VIRSA/ZVFATBAK

Note 1169268 - Exception CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW and large key figures

Note 1510258 - Valuation: Termination with CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW


G. Lakshmipathi

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Dear Laxmipathi

I have the below problem could you please advise. I normally download the currency exchange rates from reuters into excel spreadsheet on the last day of every month and then make required corrections and upload excel file using Zcurr (customized transaction) transaction into SAP. Sofar we have no issues since last couple of years but since last 2 months we have got massive errors in the SAP System and we are dilemma to either change the entire existing process or correct it.

I have re design the existing process or to give the recommendations to the existing process. The current process as given below for your ready reference. I need to know what kind of changes we can do to the existing process and what level of controls we can keep ?

We have the existing process as follows :

1. Obtain rates the website (external)

2. download into excel file

3. upload excel file into SAP

4. upload rates into SAP

5. SAP Upload Confirmation

6. update intranet with rates

7. confirmation of SAP Update and intranet update

I apprecaiate your help in this regard

Best Regards