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Exchange rate when posting Advance in foreign currency

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Dear Experts,

We are facing an issue with posing Advance in foreing currency. We have a business requirement to post document in FI in transaction currency (i.e. advances / receipts in foreign currency must be posted in foreign currency, and advances / receipts in trip currency must be posted in trip currency).

For doing so we set in img activty "Define Global Settings" the "Choose foreign currency per Receipt" option in frame "Settlement of Foreign Currency Receipts".

Employees are posting advances/receipts in appropriate currency and the currency is modifed in PR05 before settlement/transfer to FI.

So far so good...

Problem is : When modifying the settelment currency to the foreing currency in PR05 any modified exchange rate is lost. The FI document is posted and the amount in internal currency doesnt match the original amount in trip currency anymore (but using an amount at date - trip date or posting date...).

How can we manage to post in foreign currency while keeping the modified exchange rate for internal/company currency ?

Thanks by advance !

Of course any helpfull answer will be rewarded


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Hi Mathieu, I guess you want to influence this during the posting process right?

When you transfere foreign currency documents to FI, FI will do a conversion , there is no

Badi, where you could reliable influence this as far as I am aware.



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Hi Sally,

Thank you for your answer.

Ideally it would be during the posting process but we are open to a workaround anyone could propose.

As long as the FI document contains foreing currency amount and trip currency amount at manually corrected exchange rate it is fine with us

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Unless anyone else has an idea, I really dont see a way around it as it is the same for receipts too as all receipts will be translated to accounting currency and posted in accounting currency. In the case of receipts, the credit card company sends amount in local currency, exchange rate and amount in home currency. And we post the delivered amount in home currency.

I dont think there is any way you can change this for advances either unfortunately.

I think even with BADI TRIP_POST_FI. or the user exit may not even be achievable but you could check?



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I dont think it is possible either in BADI TRIP_POST_FI or user exit FITR0003, maybe it could be done with an enhancement in report RPRPOSTD (launched by PRRW). I will check.

But just to be sure, if I want to keep it standard, for you I have no other choice to post in foreign currency (via said customizing) and then the exchange rate difference in home currency at posting should be managed by exchange rate gains and losses. Am I right ? Did I miss something ?

Thank you for your help