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Exchange Rate scnerios

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Hi All,

We have below 2 scenarios :

1) Doc Currency : USD Material Price : INR Exchange rate type : EXP from customer Master Not standard

When we create order system takes applicable exchange rate based on order creation date.

Order Creation date let's say 1-11-2022 and we are creating invoice on 25-11-2022

So while creating invoice system is taking applicable exchange rate As on 25-11-2022.

Based on copy control setting VTFL

2) Doc Currency : INR Material Price: USD Exchange rate type : GOC from customer Master

For this case ideally system should consider exchange rate based on date of billing.

Order created on 1-11-2022 and billing on 25-11-2022

But currently system considers exchange rate of Order creation date.


Why for first case it is working and in second case it is failing.

For second case we have to update pricing manually then it is working at time of invoice creation.

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Hello Dhanraj,

I suspect two possibilities.

1. Is system determine same item category for both the orders (first and second scenarios) ??

2. is there any changes done during SO to Billing process ??