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Exchange Rate Differences management in GR/IR Clearing

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When there is Exchange Rate Differences in the GR/IR Clearing run, the system automatically put this difference on the account set in Determination account > Accounts Payable > Exchange Rate Differences

We would like the system not to put the difference on this account (Exchange Rate Differences) but in the purchase order main account.

Is there a way to set that up somewhere or it is the only way to manage it?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Elen,

Purchase order accounts are clearing accounts and expected to be zero at the end always.



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Please check activity : Posting Control Profiles for Procurement Process.

I am not sure if it ever allows you to change the behaviour. i.e checking the box for exachange different would mean that the exchange rate differences are posted to original expense account and not to exchange rate difference account.

For other differences this works. However for exchange rate difference system does not allow to change the predefined settings.

You can also read about the system behaviour in help center document : Price Differences, Exchange Rate Differences, and Cash Discounts

Or check also the blog for GR/IR clearing behaviour :