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Exception adding events

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I'm trying to add a filter event to my own form:

Dim oFilters As SAPbouiCOM.EventFilters

Dim oFilter As SAPbouiCOM.EventFilter

oFilters = New EventFilters




When I do the last instruccion, it gives me an exception "General Failure".

If I use the method oFilter.Add(200000010)(so i change de uid of my form), it doesn't gives me any exception, but i want to refer to my forms with strings, not with numbers.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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Yes, i've done the SBO connection.

If i use oFilter.addex, gives me the exception when i do SBO_Application.SetFilter(oFilters)

If i use oFilter.add, all works ok, but i want to work with addex.

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Hi Miguel,

You should not set the form uid, but the form type. Syntax is

Public Function AddEx(ByVal FormType As String) As FormType



A string specifying the form type you want to add.</i>

Hope this solves your problem,