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Exact combination of ESG/HC/PSG/WSR

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Hello All,

I see the all the WSR months/years in T552A but I also want to look at PA20 on the Planned Working Time “Work Schedule” for employees with these WSR.

For these exact combination of ESG/HC/PSG/WSR, looking in PA0007 and then PA20 , I could not seem to find Personnel Numbers with these exact combinations.

How can we find employees to look at in PA20?  Do we have to look at the underlying configuration that causes a combination to be linked to the Personnel Number or Do we have any table through which we can find all relevant personnel nos for exact combination of ESG/HC/PSG/WSR?

Thannks in Advance

Bhushan P

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Answers (2)

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In PA20 when you insert IT 7, find possible values of WSR, it can only show for the employee's groupings, the WS's available in V_T508A.

You could import IT 7 & T508A data into MS Access.  Then do the reports from Access.

Another way is to tailor a SQL query.

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When you create the Work Schedule Rules (in table view V_T508A), you make a link between the ESG Grouping for WS, the Calendar ID and the PSA Grouping for WS.

When you create an IT0007, you can see these 3 values when you call the "Drop-down" list of possible WSR for the employee.

But there is no direct link between tables PA0007 and T508A.

So you will require to identify all ESGs that are in the ESG Grouping for WS that you want to look at,

identify all Personnel Areas associated with the Calendar ID you want to look at,

identify all PSAs that are in the PSA Grouping for WS,

and then generate an Ad-hoc Query to identify all employees that meet these 3 criterias.

You'll then  be able to use se16n to look at table pa0007 for these employees and see if one of them has been assigned the WSR you are looking for.