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Ex. of Business processes and Impact - Scheduling Parameters: Adjust Dates

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There are a lot of questions and blog posts describing how the scheduling parameters function from a technical point of view but haven't see any posts describing why an organization might want to use one setting over the other.

Specifically I'm looking for some insight into the Adjust Dates Setting.

"Do not adjust basic dates" - I think this setting would allow you to compare the basic start/finish date that was originally set for the order (either manually or using the priority of the order) to the scheduled start/end date. By maintaining the two dates separately you can see see if the order is scheduled to be completed within the date range set by its priority.

"Adjust basic dates" - I'm not sure what the business case is for using this setting. Just to make it simple to maintain 1 set of dates for the order?

Which setting does your organization use and why?

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