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EventSender doesn't send any messages to B1if

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Dear All,

I have installed SAP Business One and Integration Components on my machine. I believe I set up properly EventSender to send events to B1if. In EventSender log I can see entries that events have been sent to B1if:







<b1e:keys count="1">







but no messages arrive on B1if. B1 Event Monitor doesn't show any messages while in Message Log I can only see messages for Xcelsius. All connections to systems reply properly and I don't have any other exceptions or errors.

What might be the reason that no messages arrives from EventSender to B1if?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Lukasz,

Did you checked the Event Sender configuration and Tested the Connection from the Event Sender to the B1i server?

Did you checked in all EventMonitor lists: Filtered, Success, Error???



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Dear Trinidad,

From Integration solution for SAP Business One -> SAP Business One EventSender -> Setup I tested all connections and all are success.

Everywhere in the configuration I use my local machine name. I ues Direct Sending method with Basic Authentication Type, B1 Built-in Notification Mechanism, Default Inbound without any event filters. In EventSender log I can see that my event are sent to B1if but nothing arrives there. All my logs: B1 Event Log (Success, Filtered and Failure), Message Log are empty.

Thanks in advance for any further information what's wrong.


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Hi Trinidad, Hi Lukasz,

I have a similar issue and you might be able to help me as well.

I have setup the B1toB1 scenarios to schronise the Item Master Data.

This scenario works perfectly, I can see the Add event in the SEVT table and the B1i picks it properly.

Now, I want to try with an other event - I.e. the UDF event (object 152).

I run the Event Sender Setup under Start -> Integration Solutions for Business One -> SAP Business One EventSender -> Setup

On the Choose the Company Databases window of the setup I click the Event Filter.

Company Database Name: [MYDB]

Include List B1 Object(s): 152,

Exclude List B1 Objects(s):

Exclude List B1 User:

I can see the Object # correctly in the table CTNS

AbsID 1

ObjectID 152

EnableAsyN Y

My event service has been restarted and is running, but any Add, Update events in the UDF management does not seems to be reflected in SEVT.

Any ideas for where it could be stuck?

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks, Yoann

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Dear Yoann,

I would recommend to create another thread as your problem is completly different than mine.

My still is not solved while in your case communication between EventSender and B1if works well.



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After digging around for almost a week I found the reason. In the Event Sender setup I put as Proxy Host and Proxy Port my DI Proxy settings. For obvious reason it couldn't work. Event Sender sent proper events by HTTP calls but instead arriving at B1if they were lost.

The most obvious reasons are the most difficult to find.

Anyway thanks for help.


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We also have the same issue i.e sender not working.

We have attached screenshot of sender database connections.

The  "Test connection" is always succesful.

we have trying to work out as per the guidance provided in demo video.

But the message count is 0, even after SO created in SO to file scenario.

Please guide.


Trupti Mahurkar

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Hi Experts,

I have this one issue on a client server.

My SEVT table gets filled with the events and then all the events is passed to the EventSender and I can see all the events in the B1 Event Monitor. But nothing goes through to my inbound triggers.

All my events (Message Status) is Filtered... nothing in Success or Failure, even the events that must go through to trigger my scenario is shown in filter.

What can cause this ?

Please assist...

Kind Regards,

Brenden Draper

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