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Evaluation Software

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I would suggest that a good majority of SDN regulars have some form of SAP evaluation software installed, from MiniBasis 4.6D to WAS 6.40.

I think SAP could do a better job of informing the SDN community of its plans in this area. For example, WAS 6.20 was released on Windows/SAPDB, however WAS 6.40 is currently only available on Linux if you want both the ABAP and Java personalities.

Does SAP plan on offering the WAS evaluation software on Windows? If so, when? Will people go to the hassle of setting up a Linux server only to find SAP release WAS the next day for Windows?

Are there plans to allow people to evaluate other components of NetWeaver, such as XI?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Scott,

Valuable points and I have contacted the people responsible for it.

We want to give the SDN audience more access to test versions on a regular and predictable way.

Let's see what we can come up with. (As always no promises though

All the best, Mark.

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