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Estimated effort installing Nakisa

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I need to estimate the effort in (days or hours) to assure the installation
of Nakisa and his components.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you in advanced for your time and help.

Best regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is a very open ended question with many potential answers.  I don't think that anyone could give you an accurate estimate, but perhaps the following points and questions might help you formulate one of your own?


Do you know all the technical details of the environment you are installing to, who will be carrying out the various tasks in the installation and what their availability and relative skill levels and experience will be?  You could do with knowing this before you can estimate how long things will take and perhaps you need to factor in finding out some (/all) of this information into your estimate.

Also do you know what you are installing?  You reference "Nakisa and his components".  Is that all of SOVN and STVN, or a subset of the applications?  Do you know what security approach is required (SSO, direct login, AD integration)?  Are you going to be using any structural authorisations ... if so do they exist or does someone need to create them?

How many environments is this installation to cover?  Just a non-production one or are there others?

Based on some of these answers and exactly what the organisation wants (or actually needs), you might need to ask some more questions too.

Planning & Designing

Once you have some details I'd suggest you include some time for planning who and how the work is to be carried out.  The length of time this will take will depend upon the scale and complexity of what you need to do.  Similarly any actual design work will follow the same sort of path.


There are a number of pre-requisites for SOVN/STVN.

First off you'll need somewhere to put all this stuff.  So you may need one or more servers identified or purchased and built, standard organisation software installed, software licenses purchased etc.

Next you need to have a server running NetWeaver that has the right component levels (as per the Nakisa documentation).

There is of course the transport and add-on for SAP that will need implementing.  Someone will need to download the application from SMP and potentially it would be a good idea to request the latest builds via OSS and download those too.  Once you have them they'll then need installing.  Licensing will also need to be sorted with the SAP account manager for SOVN/STVN if it isn't already and the serial file obtained.  Once you have the serial file that

If you're going to make use of a database for data/analytics/preferences/notes, then this will need to be installed and configured.

So once you have your add-on, transport, database (optional), NetWeaver and SOVN/STVN applications installed (with licensing applied), you should have the installation part almost done....

Base Configuration

Why is it not finished?  Well at this point you should be checking all the documentation is up to date and that everything is in place and the right level.  You need to test what has been put in place to make sure everything is working as required.

Now to properly test it I would suggest that you should really configure an out of the box build.  Something that has the minimal configuration to connect to other systems (SAP, database) and some basic authentication and security.

Of course you'll also need a test user account and some system accounts for your application(s) to use to access these other systems.  It's probably worth getting these things set-up during your preparing time.

Assuming everything checks out okay at that point I would say that you have "installed" the application(s).

As I said the actual amount of time this can take is something only someone with a more detailed understanding (i.e. someone directly involved with the work) can really give.  As well as the time taken to actually carry out a task, remember to consider the elapsed times.  Firing off a request to get a license file won't get an instant response.  If the SAP Basis team is snowed under and you need their assistance then you might have a few days where you can't make any tangible progress.

Finally I'm offering the above just as a bit of a brain dump as the things I might consider.  I dare say if I actually sat down to plan it I might come up with a few more things to think about; but I think all the key elements should be in there.



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Hello Stephen,

What i really need is the estimated time that will be needed to, install all the
components of Nakisa (i.e SAP Netweaver, Nakisa OrgChart, Nakisa OrgModeler,
Transport Package, Add-on).

Without any configuration, just the pure instalation.

Can you please help me?

Best regards

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Hi Nuno,

You can install all of the SOVN/STVN components, including the backend transports, within a few hours. If you give yourself 1 day then this is possible while providing some leeway. However, it is important to ensure that all pre-requisites are in place (SAP support package levels, component levels, etc) to complete the installation within this timeframe.

I can't comment on installing SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal, but I recommend you browse the space or post a question to find out more information on that aspect.

Best regards,


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Hello Luke,

Thank you for your availability.

Best regards

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