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Essential configuration for Newly introduced material.

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Dear SAP Gurus,

If a new material is introduced to the company, having same operation compare to other materials, same BOM available which is required for other material and same work center required which is used for other materials. I know all this but my confusion is that what are the essential configurations required for newly introduced material in SAP PP and how the SAP system can know that workcenter, BOM and routing is same compare to other materials.

Please clarify my doubt.

Thanks and Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No new configuration is required for new materials, you just need to maintain the master date like material master, BOM, routing etc. You can copy it form existing master data  like workcenter, BOM and routing so that it will be same.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi ,

For any new master Data ( Material Master , BOM , Routing ) , you do not need any configuration unless there is any new business requirement like ECM-Change Management , VC   etc  need to apply for those new master data .

Other than that you will be using the same org .element while generating the new masters with relevant input from business and you can take the similar master data to copy the same .



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Hi Sudipta,

If you are creating a new material (eg material code) and you have similar materials available in your organization then you do not need any new configuration in SAP. All you need is to maintain master data in system eg Material Master, BOM, Routing Work cetner etc.System will allow you to create materials with similar properties but with different material code.

If I understood your question correctly then you want to know if SAP system has a check of identify materials similar in nature or find out duplicity of such materials.

As per my understanding there is no hard check that will stop you if you are creating a material thats is exact replica of existing material. You can have exactly similar BOM,Routing and Workcenter. You can definitely achieve this in ECC with some enhancement that checks for exact description of material or values in classification view.

In most of my clients I have seen a separate Master Data Custodian team that checks such things in System and verifies with business before NPI (New product introduction) or creating a similar variant of existing materials.

SAP has MDM (Master Data Management) or MDG (Master Data Governance) that is much more capable than ECC in case of mater data governance.

Honestly, I do want to know from other forum members if any such control is available in ECC. Thanks for opening this thread.