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Essence of product cost collectors

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what is essence of product cost collector (KKF6n), {As I understand production cost collectors

are cost carrying elements}, but needs to have more insights like how it captures

production costs ( i.e through activities, price maintained in accounting view....)

Does it make any difference if product cost collector is executed before MRP run, or it has

to be executed only after MRP run

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Dear Eshwer,

1.Product Cost collector is one of the master data in REM scenario.

2.This product cost collector is no where related to MRP.

3.Product Cost collector is used as a cost object in REM scenario,which means all the cost will be

booked under this product cost collector for that material.

4.Whatever the confirmations that are done in MFBF or MF41 or MF42N,the cost will get debited or

credited accordingly for that material and the impact will be seen in the product cost collector.

5.This product cost collector will be having an order number which will be used for order settlement and

variance calculation.

6.For creating a product cost collector you will require a production version. whenever you do an assembly or activity or component backflush,the cost will be booked under

this product cost collector.

8.So as such there's no relation between MRP and a product cost collector.

I hope this pints will help you to some extent.

Revert back with your further queries.



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Thanks for your time and detailed explaination

It answers my question

Due points have been assigned