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ESS Timecorrection Workflow WS121300111

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I want to use a WF for the ESS scenario Timecorrection (clock-in clock-out). The standard WF 12300111, which is recommended by SAP, works for the scenario Leave Request. If I use it for Timecorrection, it shows Workitems in the UWL with Leave Request texts. Clicking on the workitem leads you back to Leave Request and not to Timecorrection.

SAP says, I shall use 12300111 as example an build my own WF. What do I have to do? I'm not a WF expert.

Thanks for help


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Answers (3)

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if you want to user the documnet workflow then you will need to customize the same and then use...

the other way is try using the old workflow

The link below may help.

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Hello Joachim,

first and foremost SAP hasnt delivered a Approval Application like the leave request approver, for the clockin-/out scenario. If you plan to use it anyway you have to either develop your very own Approval application or you have to use a generic decision task in your workflow as approval step.

In order to alter the standard leave request workflow (WF 12300111) you first have to copy it and replace the dialog task with a custom task. For this custom task you can easy alter the text.

I hope this helps a bit



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This is the work of WF consultant. They have to configure the WF events based on the need.

Good luck