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ESS OSA Add new element

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Hello all,

I've created a dynamic template where appraisers can add new elements to the template. These elements belong to the Qualifications catalog.

When an appraisal is made via Portals and the "Add new element" option is clicked a selection screen appears with the whole Qualifications catalog in a list format.

Is there anyway to modify the appearance of this selection screen. My requirements are that the appraiser should only be able to select the qualifications belonging to a specific Qualification Group.

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The standard delivered implementation brings the whole catalog as we don't know what its contents are and what the customer wants to be able to select from it.

To fulfill your requirement copy implementation HRHAP00_ENHANCE_FRE2. Assign a new filter value to the copied implementation (but do not delete the existing value from the tables).

In method ENHANCE_DOCUMENT there are two calls to get the whole catalog, one for BSP and one for R/3. Replace these calls with your own call where you get only the qualifications of a specific quali group.

Active the implementation, register it in oohap_basic. Then assign it to the category/template.

Regards and Groetjes,


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Thank you your answer was very helpful and solved my problem.


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Hi Maurice,

For enhancement HRHAP00_ENHANCE_FRE2, you know that there is a function module that reads all qualifications and uses the result of it in a bsp application.

Is there any possibility to see the qualifications as in qualification catalog like a tree?

I can see the qualification catolog in another part of ESS that is skills profile but it is a WebDynPro application and I don't know where it is used in backend.

Best regards,

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Hello Maurice,

We have a requirement where the user need to SELECT a goal from a drop down (rather than typing in a free text box).

I am thinking of customizing the Add Qualification BADI (Fre2). So when the user clicks on "Add new element", the system displays a list of Goals from a custom table (instead from Qualification Catelog).

is this a feasible idea? OR is there is better method of displaying a list of the Department Goals, so that the appraise can select the goals applicable for him.


Raghu Kolukuluri

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