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ESS/MSS Approval via Blackberry

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I'm looking for a solution where we can do an approval from ESS/MSS through Blackberry.

Is it possible if there is a request like this:

- Any approval workflow initiated from ESS/MSS, will be sent to Blackberry, and then there will be a unique number created in email notification as passcode for approval purposes. And the approval process will be done directly from Blackberry back to the ESS/MSS workflow.

Is there anyone who has done this before?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the 2007 Teched in Lasvegas, there was a couple of sessions on approving workflows through Blackberry. There is a company (SAP Partner) who have developed this new application. But I guess you have to buy their product. They have implementated in few companies. It was a nice demo.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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STOP THE EMAIL TRAIN!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Too funny of a topic though....very timely for us. We are developing a solution just like you are talking about (for us, it would be for managers to approve/reject HCM Processes and Forms related items. So far, we have foudn little to nothing available. I personally have contacted both SAP folks (listed under the BlackBerry info on this site) and RIM's own people (listed in their SAP related content). Although on here (SDN), it talks about SSO and the UWL being available for the BlackBerry, we have found that is not entirely true. The SSO solution is actually a login module that was developed for CRM. The UWL solution was actually entirely custom developed and has limited functionality. We are STILL trying to sort out what is true and what is hype/marketing so we can scoope that portion of work on our project.

For others, the RIM site has some good presentations as well (probably what you would get from the presenation you all seem to be requesting).

Lastly, check out the area on here about BlackBerry solutions (workflow approval demo is on there!).... [original link is broken]

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Hi Chris,

Do you have any additional information on UWL being available on the Blackberry? I'm interested in the customer UWL solution even though it has limited functionality.



Mel Calucin

Bentley Systems