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ESS grouping value error - deleting entries from T582G?

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I've tried to read through all of the threads related to the "grouping value" error in ESS. I've seen a couple of posts that mention deleting entries from T582G to solve this. If you aren't doing concurrent employemnt is this really a legitimate option?



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Answers (2)

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Thanks Siddharth

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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No! You shouldnt the delete the entries of this table

T582G is important for data sharing if there is no entry then there

will be no copying of infotypes

switch on the flag PC_UI

Note 783499 settings are required.

PA30 originally used the old infotype framework (modulepools like e.g.


Please read the note 1447867 on how this works

Data sharing means, that pernrs, which are linked to the same central

person, should have the same infotype records. By specifying a grouping

reason for an intoype in view V_T582G you specify, how (for which

personnel numbers of one central person) the data sharing should work.

The framework then ensures, that as soon as you change infotype data

for one personnel number, the infotype data of the linked personnel

numbers is changed as well. I.e. data is kept consistent. If you don't

want to share data between infotypes, you have to delete the entry in

V_T582G for the corresponding infotypes.

Information about which framework is used can be found in the IMG under:

Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing

Procedures -> Infotypes -> Infotypes in Detached Infotype Framework ->

- Configure Infotypes for HR Master Data Maintenance

- Use Decoupled and Not Decoupled IT Framework