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ESS address subtype fields control

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Hi experts,

Now I'm doing a SAP HR project for Japan.

In ESS, it lists all fields for each subtype for address. But I want to hide some fields for some particular subtype, like emergency address.

ESS portal consultant said it cannot be realized by configuration in ESS side. Can anyone tell whether I can control ESS screen fields in ECC configuration?

I checked other questions, and find someone mentioned V_T588MFPROPS and V_T588MFPROPC.

I tried to insert Japan (22) and relative subtype and fields, and set "not use", but it doesn't work.

I am not sure about the real purpose of using these two tables.

Please help!

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if you are working on EHP4 you can use personalization

content admin-->content provided by SAP-->ESS-->iview-->click on preview

then the fields appear. hold control on the keyboard and right click the  mouse personalization will appear. you can hide the fields as needed.

if you ae on ehp5 or EHP6  i.e WDA then taht should be done through SE80--> package-->feeder class--> UIBB blocks and hide the fields you wanted.