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ESS - Adding a service in ESS

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Hi Experts,

It would be great if you can let me know how can I add a new service to my ESS area page.

The requirement is to add a link called 'my supervisor' in the personal information area page.Once the user clicks on that link he should be able to see the name of his supervisor.

How to achieve this ?


K. Pandya

the responses you got so far are based on the subject but your message 
seems to indicate a different requirement. PL change the subject and 
be specific about what you need.

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Hi Vivek Jadhav,

thanks for the link.

My question is how can i link the function module with this procedure.

I have a function module which populates the supervisor details based on the personnel number given.



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Hi Krunal,

As per my understanding you should have a Wwb dynpro ABAP or JAVA application attached to that link through SPRO

and you can include your FM code in WDA to display the Supervisor details.



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Hi Deepthi,

I think you are really correct.

I would be thankful if you can elaborate the steps of the whole procedure.

I am sorry if i am bothering you , as i am not much experienced in ESS/MSS