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ESS - Add columns to Leave Overview Screen

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In the Leave Request -> Leave Overview screen (where past leaves taken are shown), is it possible via configuration to add more fields, e.g., duration, start time, end time, absence days, calendar days?


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in the spro settings for the leave request application, you can find change layout of the leave request application , check in there



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Checked the layout, couldn't find any option to add these fields. Can you be more specific please.


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Define Field Selection


In this IMG activity, you specify which additional fields are displayed and can be processed in the Web application. The fields are then available to both enterers and approvers of leave requests.

You then assign the <DE.PTARQ_FIELD_SELECTION>field selections in the Processing Processes for Absence Types view. This structure offers the following options:

You can output separate fields for each absence type, such as the overtime compensation type for the overtime attendance type.

You can use one field selection for multiple absence types, such as a field selection containing fields for a different payment.

In the field selections you can choose from selected fields of the attendance/absence types and 10 customer fields. You can use the methods of the PT_ABS_REQ BAdI to assign field values to the customer fields and control their processing using BLOP. For more information, see the BAdI: Control Processing of Leave Requests IMG activity.


1. Choose the Define Field Selection activity.

2. Choose New Entries.

3. Create a field selection and choose ENTER.

4. Select the field selection, and double-click Field Customizing in the dialog structure.

5. Choose Select Fields.

6. Select the fields you want to display. Field help is available for the fields in the list. You can toggle in the list between the technical field name and the field label.

7. Choose Continue.

8. Decide whether each field is a required entry field.

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