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What is difference between ERS & MIRO,

give atleast one scenerio related to ERS that makes difference between MIRO

even what are the prerequsit in ERS.

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Evaluated Receipt settlement: As its self explanation - settlement which you are going to do already evaluated and automatic settlement entitled without involvement of Vendor Invoice, where as in case of MIRO its opposite.

If you can check Standard help for ERS its stated as below:


Procedure for settling goods receipts automatically. When you use Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS), you have an agreement with the vendor that they do not create an invoice for an ordering transaction. Instead, the system posts the invoice document automatically on the basis of the data in the purchase order and goods receipts. This eliminates invoice variances.


We recommend that you only implement ERS when you and your vendor have a clear agreement on the conditions used and you regularly update the purchase orders in the system.

The system determines the invoice amount for this ordering transaction from the prices entered in the order, the terms of payment, the tax information and the delivery quantity entered in the goods receipt.

Credit memos can also be created using ERS: if an invoice has already been posted for a goods receipt and goods have since been returned, the system automatically generates a credit memo for the returned quantity during the next ERS run.

Planned delivery costs cannot be processed using ERS.