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I am getting below message while executing the batch input session during LSMW

''No batch input data for screen SAPMP50A 2000

Message no. 00344


The transaction sent a screen that was not expected in the batch input session and which therefore could not be supplied with data.

Possible reasons:

1. The batch input session was created incorrectly. The sequence of screens was recordly incorrectly.

2. The transaction behaves differently in background processing in a batch work process than when running in dialog (SY-BATCH is queried and changes the screen sequence).

3. The transaction has undergone user-specific Customizing and therefore certain screens may be skipped or processed differently, according to the current user. If the person who created a batch input session is not the same as the person now processing it, this problem may occur frequently.

System Response



For 1: Either re-create the session or process it in expert mode. Correct the batch input program.

For 2. It is very difficult to analyze this problem, particularly in the case that the screen sequence or the display-only options of fields differ according to whether the transaction is being processed in the background or as an online dialog. It could also be that this kind of transaction cannot run with batch input.

For 3: Have the creator of the session process it. If no error occurs now, then this is a program with user-specific Customizing


I am trying to do many actions in PA40 at a atretch to create LSMW to upload data.

I beleive that this issue is in Selecting Action Each time.Kindly help me to fix this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is a common error when you're using LSMW to upload personnel actions in batch.

Please try simpler actions for data upload and use PA30 t-code to upload the remaining infotypes.



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Thanks for your reply.I have a contraint in uploading IT0000-IT0001.

IT0000 Records below for an employee

01.07.2006 31.10.2006 5E-Promotion

01.03.2006 30.06.2006 4E-Transfer

01.01.2005 28.02.2006 5E-Promotion

18.04.2002 31.12.2004 4E-Transfer

04.02.1982 17.04.2002 2E-Confirmation

04.02.1981 03.02.1982 1E-Hiring

IT0001 Records below

01.11.2006 ARW AGPL 1 P1

01.07.2006 ARW AGPL 1 P1

01.03.2006 ARW AGPL 1 PO

01.08.2005 AID APRW 1 PO

01.04.2005 AID APRW 1 PO

01.01.2005 AID APRW 1 PO

18.04.2002 AID APRW 1 RA

04.02.1982 AID APRW 1 RA

04.02.1981 AID APRW 1 RA

For Each Action type there is one record is created in IT0001 Generally when we are going for upload.

But here For IT0001 alone there are few extra records available ( 01.04.2005-31.07.2005 and 01.07.2005-28.02.2006)

Now i need to make an LSMW and while doing the LSMW through T-Code PA40 i am getting the error,Kindly let me know how to cover the above scenario in LSMW to upload the master data in client.

Fyi : When i am using PA30 after making an action when i press back then it shows recording then how can i create multiple Actions using PA30.

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The error comes because the LSMW recording encounters a pop-up screen or some other screen which was not part of the recording exercise.

Run the LSMW in the foreground for one row and identify which screen triggers the error. The resolution will depend on the screen received.

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