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Error with Application.Messagebox while Eventhandling

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i've got a problem with Application.Messagebox.

I'm loading a form from xml. after that i send a messagebox. If i click on the ok-button everything works fine.

but if i send a messagebox from the event handling (eg after button_click) the messagebox will be shown, but if i click 'ok' my application will be shut down.

changing the status bar by application.statusbar.settext works.

I hope you understand what my problem is.

Looking forward to your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I read somwhere to put this code at the top of the event handling routine... Anyway I don't use it in my code.

Private Sub sboApplication_ItemEvent(ByVal FormUID As String, pVal As SAPbouiCOM.IItemEvent, BubbleEvent As Boolean)

On Error GoTo ItemEventErrHandler


If pVal.FormType <> 0 Then 'Not a MsgBox Event

'Process event here

End If


Hope this helps

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