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Error while sending standard PO

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Hi All,

My Scenario is - SAP ERP to SAP PI (Data thru IDoc)

I have created standard PO but it is not sent to SAP PI. In SLG log of ERP i can see below two errors,

1) Environment parameter SVT_MATERIAL_CLASS has not been specified

2) Current document item is not relevant for regulation REACH

Not sure about what parameters need to be maintained and what configurations need to be checked. If you came across these type of errors kindly please share your knowledge in detail.



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You probably know that Idocs from purchase orders are sent via PO output messages.

So I wonder a bit what you see in SLG (whatever you mean by that)

Do you have an IDOC that just did not receive its destination, or don't you even have this IDoc and no message in your PO?

The 2 errors that you mentioned sound as if they are related to the EH&S module.

It looks like a classification is expected in your material master in case this material is REACH relevant. So I am not sure if these are real errors or just information that the requirement is not met and hence you wont get an IDoc.

Best you talk to your colleagues who had implemented this process in your company to get some insight about the preconditions and requirements.