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Error while running payroll livei

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Hi Experts,

I am getting error saying  "Role of client remains undefined...Definition of role client : Initial SAP Screen->Tools->Busi->Customizing->Basic functions-> set up clients->execute D select entry, field ' Role of client'   No check performed against control record..Payroll cancelled... while running live payroll.

Kindly help me resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance to all

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In your Payroll ZIN0 or XIN0 Sub-Schema, look for Function CHECK with Par2 = ABR.

That check should be active in PRD system, but it is usually commented out (deactivated) in the DEV environment.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thankyou so much for your support friends, i have resolved this issue with the help of your guidance which proved valuable for me.

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What Remi suggested is correct.

lso following procedure is advisable for such changes, as these should not be moved to QA or Prod systems/clients:

1. Save such changes in a separate transport with a suitable description e.g. 'Schema changes - NOT FOR TRANSPORT'.

2. Do not release the transport.

3. The change will remain in the Dev clients only.


a. If you have a separate sand pit client, any config change will not require transport, as the client is accordingly configured by Basis team to accept change without a transport or prompting for a transport number.

b. However any change in a client-independent object (e.g. a program, include, or table, etc) is across clients.

c. In QA client also (as in Prod),

c.i. You need to follow standard procedures for a payroll area: e.g., releasing the payroll area for live payroll, setting it to correction for any employee data change, etc.

c.ii. You can delete a payroll area's control record so that you can re-create it to run payroll for a different period.  During the time interval, when this control record is deleted, the payroll area can not be used for any purpose. 

For example,

the payroll area XX is in the period 05.2016 and you need to run live payroll for this payroll area for period 03.2016. 

Inform other users of payroll area XX, you are deleting the payroll area's control record and recreate it to run payroll for 03.2016. (Note it is not required to revert the control record back to the current status.) 

Provided it is acceptable by others, go to to next step in PA03 txn.

- Display the control record and note down the payroll area's current details or take a hard copy and go back.

- Delete the record.  Recreate it with payroll period 02.20116 and earliest pay period same as before and save.

- Release the payroll area.  Now it is in pay period 03.2016.  It is available for live payroll for this pay period.  If you need to make data changes for an employee assigned to this payroll area, set the control record to correction; after changes are completed, release the payroll area and run live payroll.

d. Payroll simulation can be run for any pay period.  However, if the payroll area is in period say 04.2016 then simulating payroll for say employee 1234, for next period, will run for period 04 and 05, even if pers no. 1234 has pay results exist for period 04.2016.

e. Further,

e.i.  Pay results already available for the pay period will be used during simulation.

e.ii  Pay results obtained in a live pay run may not be the same as in simulation - as observed in many instances including simulation in Termination Workbench (where term'n date may be in past or future), in my clients' installations in Australia.

Hope this helps.

br, JG