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Error while Creation Compatible Unit Order

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I am generating Maintenance Order from Compatible Unit Design.

I am able to generate Order for design type D i.e.standard design.

But when i try for design type T i.e. Standard design template, I am getting the following error : -

*"Assign to CU Order" is not allowed (CUD 00000000000000034508)*

*Message no. BS007*


*The current status of object 'CUD 00000000000000034508' prohibits business transaction 'Assign to CU Order'.*


*To process business transaction 'Assign to CU Order', you first have to change the status of object 'CUD 00000000000000034508' to allow the transaction 'Assign to CU Order'.*

*This gives you an overview of the system and user statuses that affect the transaction. A transaction can only be executed if there is at least one status that allows it and there is no status that forbids it.*

I checked the config settings for Design template 'T' but could not find anything.

Has anyone come across this. Please help

Thanks & Regards,

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Answers (1)

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It seems the system status of the unit prohibits the work order creation. Identify the System status of the unit and then verify work order creation transaction is allowed for the specified system status through BS22 transaction code.



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Hi Tehsin,

The same system status exists for design type 'D' and i was able to generate Order. But SAP does not allow me to generate order for design type 'T' not sure why. And there are no user statuses in the system.

Thanks & Regards,