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Error while creating sales order : Materail not listed !!!

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Dear All,

While creating a Sales Order, I am getting this message. please let me know. what is listing means.

How to check it.

error message

Material XYYXY is not listed and therefore not allowed

Message no. V1118


The material entered is not allowed for the transaction because the listing is missing.


Check your entries. If they are correct, check whether the listing is complete.

end of errror message.

Thank You.



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I faced the same issue  while creating Sales order for my product but then did the following process and it was solved: THE ISSUE was I forgot to record my products in VB01 i.e Listing of products as per customer/Dist channel


GO to  VB01 to create /  VB02 to Change / VB03 to Display

Enter Listing/Excl Type A001 or your created one and Select the key combination as 

Cust & Material 

Now add your products XYYXY which will add those products to particular customer and if you select Exclude in first screen in place of  LISTING then, those products will  be excluded and then the customer will not able to order the same. 

I successfully processed my sales orders after that and I hope you also do the same.