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Error while Creating Returns ZRE: Incompletion Log

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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-06 at 5.13.17 PM.jpegTable VBUV for incompletion log at item levelTable VBUV for incompletion log at item levelHeader level error(Warning) related to TaxHeader level error(Warning) related to TaxHello SAP Gurus,

I have a problem when creating a Consignment return delivery...the incomplete log which shows the following message:

Following data still needs to be completed

Item Missing data

10 Subtotal 6


10 ICMS law

10 IPI law

10 Tax code

What should be done to solve this. Screenshot (181).png

Plz help.

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Hello Gurus,

Finally i found the error, Incompletion log at item level category as incorrect Procedure which had CFOP/ICMS/IPI LAW etc of Brazil as mandatory and hence I changed it again to the correct procedure.

Now as I changed the incompleteness procedure, Its letting me save my Fill up sales document. Thanks.