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Error while Creating Returns ZRE: Incompletion Log

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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-06 at 5.13.17 PM.jpegTable VBUV for incompletion log at item levelTable VBUV for incompletion log at item levelHeader level error(Warning) related to TaxHeader level error(Warning) related to TaxHello SAP Gurus,

I have a problem when creating a Consignment return delivery...the incomplete log which shows the following message:

Following data still needs to be completed

Item Missing data

10 Subtotal 6


10 ICMS law

10 IPI law

10 Tax code

What should be done to solve this. Screenshot (181).png

Plz help.

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Hi Chirag, 

Can you check the material master for CFOP code and try to check where the other fields are maintained in master data?

Apart from this, please also try to check whether the tax code is maintained in all tax conditions determined in the sales order.

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Hi Prashant, I checked in material master as per your suggestion but I dont find CFOP code in MM02 T-code. Further, my company and customer is based in Great britain, So i have filled tax code TTX1 Output Tax in all required fields in material master. I dont understand why I am getting error for not putting CFOP code which is for some other country which I have not even selected?? Hope i am making sense here??