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Error while creating a credit memo with reference to invoice

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I am facing one issue while creating a credit memo request in VA01 with reference to invoice.

Our project stock is valuated stock.

When we try top copy the error pops up" Valuated project stock not allowed with customer stock." and the line item is not copied in the credit memo.

Diagnosis:The entered wbs manages a valuated project stock,at the same time sales order stock is maintained on sales order line item.this combo is not allowed as different valuation methods within a project is not allowed.

Tarun Kapur

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Answers (3)

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In projects here we always use valuated project stock.

Is there any way we can change the stock in sales order to Valuated?

Only for a single sales order type we are facing this issue.With rest of order types we are able to create credit memo.

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Dear Tarun!

1.Within a project we can get stock only in PROJECT or in SALES ORDER STOCK.....a single material can not be a both place at particular time keep only one

Project Stock or Sales Order Stock..

2.Check DIP PRofile (ODP1) in usage BILLING AND RESULT ANALYSIS -Charectiristic -SDOC TYPE CMR.....are you selecting right document to which you want to copy .....

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Hi ,

May be in the project profile u have used the stock as Valuated stock, that is why it is not allowing you to copy the line item.

You can change the Stock as Non - Valuated stock in project profile and then it may allow you to process the crdit memo request .