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Error while create service contract by BAPI (BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE)

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Hello Experts and SAP Community.

I am unable to captured Service related field by using standard BAPI (BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE) and getting error while create service contract regarding service related field which are not captured. I am drafting the issue and to get input from you, Please refer below given screen-print.

Initial Screen of Standard BAPI: 


after the giving all input , I have given input as “9”(Service Item) in the ITEM_CAT  and 'U" (account assignment category) for the item.


And I did not find a structure to enter a service related entry.


So when I execute the BAPI,I got error message, Please refer the below message for your reference:


Could you please guide/suggest me in this case, If anyone faced the same scenario in past. or Could you please suggest me is there any alternative solution to achieve this target ?

Thanks in advance for your help & support and even the smallest hints that could help me.


Thanks & Regards

Rahul Kumar





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Hello @rahuxingh8 

That is a missing functionality - service items are not supported by BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE. See the note 1977343 - BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE for service or limit items

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski