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error when selecting depreciation area as real dep. area

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When trying to create a new derived depreciation area and select it as real dep. area in order to be able to post values in FI-GL, I get an error and the system does not allow me to post. I´m working with version 4.6 and need to post values in GL from a derived area. Can anyone help me?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hope you have not red the long text of the error, that you are getting while doing the said action.

A derived depreciation area cannot be a real depreciation area at all in FI-AA.



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And is it possible to post in the derived area even though it is not real?

I´ve set the depreciation area as to post only depreciation but when try to assign accounts it does´nt let me

the error says:

There is a separate maint. transaction for

assgnmt in area 11

and then I click and I get the following answer:

Please maintain area 11 in FI-AA Customizing:

Under Investment Support if depreciation area 11 is an investment support area.

Under Reserves for Special Depreciation if area 11 manages special depreciation

But the derived area is not an Investment support nor a Reserves for Special Depreciation area.

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