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Error when executing function in MSS launchpad report ???

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In MSS lanchpad report, we have the following problem:

Error in Manager Sef-Service
When calling the report, the following error occurred:
System: HRP
Error when executing function

Basically in MSS report, I select employees in the first iView which calls another ABAP query in back-end to display back-end t-code inside iView of portal through ITS service. What could be the reason for it? please advice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Please try converting the standadrd-delivered scenario RPT0, then check

out the things.

Also problem may be that your function code names contain

the character '&'. This causes a problem when the selected function

code is passed to the ITS-WebGUI as a URL parameter. Please use only

standard characters (A..Z and _) when you define a function code.

Then it should work.

Please go through the following link also


Please test in backend using Se38 > PWPC_RPT_START_REPORT_TEST

The Reporting Iview in the portal has the Report category type, by

the report category type is set to "RPT0". Therefore, when the

application is launched, the reporting category type is also sent as URL

parameter to the backend system. As of ECC 6.0 only the reporting

category type "RPT0" is supported. ensure this is set for your custom reports if you are using own scenarion

then set in the Iview property of reports as well

ie example

1)Change the Iview property "Scenario" of the Reporting iview from

"RPT0" to your own "ZRPT", than this set of reports will work. however,

the standard reports will not work.

pwpc_convert_mdt_to_lpa >>

The following list of reports have been converted.

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Thank you very much for you help! the report PWPC_RPT_START_REPORT_TEST is very helpful to test in back-end.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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We have the same problem as decribed above. Our reports was working before we patched our system. Now after the patching the reports are not working anymore and we get the same error. All our reports are sap standard.

Any help would be appreciated.



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There are four things to check:

- Check if report is running fine in the back-end

- Check if the MSS selection screen displaying good in front-end

- Check if MSS is connected to the report / query in the back-end.

- You can also check if the Java version of portal is compatible with the patch of SAP

The report PWPC_RPT_START_REPORT_TEST allows you to simulate the function code in the back-end.