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Error when closing production order due to inspection lot with pending quantity to be posted

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Hello community,

I ask your help and expertise in one problem we're facing. QM users didn't perform the usage decision in the inspection lot, still batches were transferred using EWM monitor from QA to unrestricted and batches were issued through sales order, i.e. there's no inventory and the inspection lot is still released.

The open inspection lots with origin 04 are giving me error CO440 when closing order. 

Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

I thought of 2 possibilities:

1 - change the message from error to warning, but couldn't manage to do it;

2 - force the field in the inspection lot table QALS to indicate completion of goods movements posting. This proved to be effective in a test environment, but I am strongly trying to avoid table editing. Is there any SAP note for this?

Any help is appreciated.

MAN (Manufacturing) EWM - Quality Management MAN Production Planning (PP) 

Kindly, Thiago

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Probably not recommended, but perhaps an alternative to (2): use STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN to deactivate status I0203 (SPRQ Quantity posting required). Don't forget COMMIT WORK. Thereafter you can 'Cancel lot' in QA02. 

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Hello @janbuchmann, this seemed to work with the FM STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN_VB, don't know the difference from the one you mentioned, but great point anyways. Thank you very much for your help. Appreciate it. Just to mention, we are applying the UD w/o goods movements, so cancelling won't be the way to go in our case.
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@janbuchmann Just to close the topic, using the FM STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN_VB and setting the status I0224 (Lot Cancelled) as active worked perfectly. This will be our way to go on this. Thank you!