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Error-"There is still a purchase requisition commitment for ORD #########."

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Hello All,

I am trying to set deletion flag an internal order using transaction KO02 and am receiving an error "There is still a purchase requisition commitment for ORD #########."

1> What does this mean.

2> How can I solve this problem


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Moosa,

When you want to close an order, the system checks for dependanting data

to alert you that there are open items that have not been received, etc.

You need to close the purchase orders and requisitions so that the order is no longer "expecting" postings from these dependant objects.

Please consider running the following reports which have been known to correct inconsistencies in commitments:

Report RKANBU01 resets commitments on orders and ranges of orders.

(See note 100409) (Note 125266)

Reports ZKAOIDE0 & ZKAOIDE1 removes commitments which refer to purchase orders and purchase requistions which do not exist.

(See ANote 100409)

Report RKACOR04 corrects mistakes between total and line items in

database tables. (See Note 113423)

I would recommend implementing these programs in a test system first.

You may also want to consider Notes 152571 & 157369 if you are receiving error messages KO447 and/or KO448 when attempting to delete/close the order.

Best Regards,

Gladys xing

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I do not have any inconsistency I belive but still I am getting this message , is it because the PO is not completely delivered ? , if we  set the delivery indicator complete on PO will it allow me to close ?

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