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error " file NOT found! "when doing a test service in ui5 application in sicf

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Hello everyone!
I am having a problem with a sap ui5 fiori application.
I did a deploy-to-abap of a ui5 application in the DEV environment, then I go to the trx sicf and do a "test service" of the application and a window opens in the browser with the application.
The error occurred when I transported this application from DEV to QAS and then I went to the trx sicf and tried to do a "test service" of the application and the application opens blank in the browser with a text that says "file not found!
Do you know why this error can occur?
Or where I can see a trace of the error? I already tried from the trx /iwfnd/error_log and nothing appears.


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Have you activated the SICF node after import of your transport?
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yes, that is, if I right click on my application in sifc it appears active.
I tried to deactivate it and activate it again and the error persists.