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Error:output was successfully issued

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When i am using transaction code VF01(Billing) for delivery related billing i get an error message "Output was successfully issued" system is not allowing me to save the billing doc.

kindly guide me for the same,



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I think the transaction which you need to use is VP01. This allows you

to set the print parameters for sales activities, sales and billing.

It may be helpful to you to know the logic which determines the printer

that is used for output on the system. This is as follows :

1. the system will first check the output device specified in output

record VV12. The setting here has most priority.

2. system will read the setting in output type customizing (trx V/30)

double click the corresponding output type, find field "print

parameter". Please see F1 help for this field.

3. According to the setting in point 2, system will choose output

device either specified in trxn VP01 or trxn SU3.

Also, please be aware that if output is entered manually, then the

printer is not defaulted. This is correct logic in standard system.

Print parameters are only defaulted when the output is determined by

the system automatically.