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Error(Order cannot be delivered) while creating outbound Delivery in VL01N

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Hi experts,

I have created sales oder with reference to quotation and now i want to create an outbound delivery for that sales order.. While im creating it, i got an error stating that "Order cannot be delivered"...So can anyone help me out to solve this problem..

Thanks in advance...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi There,

This is only Partial error you have posted.... the order can not be delivered must have some log...Please post the full error so that we can help you further.

In the mean time do check the schedule line date and confirmation date in the sales order.

Stock in the MMBE for material in that storage location and plant.



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this is error log ''cannot be shipped in the same delivery with the other items in the document because the shipping point is different"..

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Dear Ramesh,

This is commonly discussed issue.

Pls. hav a look in to following references, and try to resolve. if, still problem persists, pls update.

[Reference 1|]

[Reference 2|]

[Reference 3|]

Best Regards,


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Goto your sales document change mode. Select the line item data. Here select the "shipping" tab. Note the shipping poing.

Now do the VL01N,Give the same shipping poing what u found in the sales order.

Mean while check whether the stock is available or not for the particular material in the plant using MMBE.

This will resolve u r question.



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