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Error on recording Usage decision through BAPI

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HI Experts,

I am a MII consultant with limited QM or even GUI knowledge.

While posting Usage Decision by providing all the inputs through the QM Standrad BAPI “BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION”,

I am getting error:  Assignment of a batch is required

I want to know what BAPI has to be selected for UD posting where,

  1. for batch wise stock posting, I have to explicitly specify the Batch number.
  2. scrap posting or other material transfers, I have to explicitly specify the Material number as well.

I have to post the quantity in one of the below mentioned categories,

  1. To unrestricted use,
  2. To scrap,
  3. To sample usage,
  4. To blocked stock,
  5. To new material,
  6. To reserves &
  7. Return Delivery.

With regards,


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Answers (1)

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You are trying to make UD for a 03 inspection lot, but the material is batch managed.

If the material is batch managed, then you need to enter the batch number in inspection lot.

Please go to QA32 -> Inspection lot, or QA02, or QA12 transactions.

You can see the batch  field is blank. Enter the batch and save. Then try executing the BAPI.