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When i am generating the Form IR51, i am pertaining following error.

"Employee is neither terminated nor posted overseas"

What is the meaning of this message.



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Answers (3)

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Solved Myself

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Please check the status of employee

Warm Regards

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Is this for NZ ? Or Singapore?

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Hi jithu,

For singapore not IR51.

IR21 while i generating i got that error.

Kindly help me on the singapore income tax forms. I am not able to gererate the IR8A also.

Thanks and regards


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From the Business Process point of view, IR 21 is generated for Foreigners who resgined or leaving the country (May be transferred out of SGP).

So system is looking for employee being terminated or moved to a foreign location. You may check the report documentation / pre requisites once

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Thanks for your reply.

Exactly what are reports required?

And one more information i am not pertaining any tax related wage types in the log as well as /110 wage type also. What could be the reason. What are the table i have to update. tell me due to i am new for singapore payroll. This reports problem i am getting frim last one week. Still now i am not able to do that.

Please help out me in this point of view.



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I know the Requirement not how it is done in SAP technically

Contents from the report document below. Hope you have gone through this fully. Do the setting as mentioned below.

Short text

Singapore Income Tax Form IR21


This program creates form IR21 for income tax declarations.

The law stipulates that this form must be completed and sent to the Comptroller at least one month before a non-citizen employee ceases or is about to cease employment or is leaving Singapore for any period exceeding 3 months.


The employee must be terminated during the reporting year or the following year (next year) in advance.

The program uses SAPScript to control the layout of the IR21. Each time the IR21 form changes, SAP changes the SAPScript to match the new IR21 layout and makes this available to its customers.

Although SAPScript can make the necessary font substitutions to suit different printers and thus retain the global layout, we recommend using the 'HPLJ4 laserjet.

All wage types related to income tax are assigned to evaluation class EVCL 11 class.

Infotype 0546 (Termination Data infotype) should contain the data for Section-C of the form

Program Parameters:

Besides the data on the standard selection screen, you need to enter

the following information so that it can be printed on the form:

Name of the person authorized to make the declaration ('Signed by')

The user's name (& telephone no.) in table T526 is used as the default.

Name of the contact person

Telephone number

Pager number

Fax Number


Declaration date

The default is the system date.

Print Employee Number : This field when checked, will print the EE number at the bottom right corner of the form.

Simulation Run : When checked, will not create the batch input for infotype 0546 updation.

Using the report through WEBGUI

The transaction to call the report using webgui is HRESSSG_IR21.

The report can be viewed through WEBGUI. For this, a new feature '25W21' is provided, which returns the variant for the report. Firstly, since the employee can access the report using the web, a Report Variant corresponding to the employee's organizational setting should be created. The report parameters like 'Authorized Person', 'Designation', 'Telephone', etc. should be included.

The feature can be read based on 3 parameters,

- Company Code

- Personnel Area

- Personnel SubArea

Different variants, to cater to the combinations from the above parameters can be created. For example :

An employee belonging to Company Code : SG01, Peronnel Area : SG01, Personnel SubArea : 0001, can use a variant 'Variant01'. If there are other employees, with same combination of CC/PA/PSA, then the variant returned will be same, namely 'Variant01'. This way, different sets of employees can be assigned to use different variants by customizing the feature.

Note however, that if no Variant is assigned to the feature, the default Variant SAP&IR21 will be picked up. This can also be used as a template for creating other Variants.


The program prints the IR21 form for every employee with valid payroll results during the reporting year. If an employee is fired and re-hired into the company during the reporting year, only one IR21 corresponding to the termination date is generated.


Employee hired on 01/01/1998.

Employee terminated on 01/03/1998.

The reporting year is the current year (1998).

Only one IR21 will be generated for the period (01/01/98-28/02/98).

Additional Information for New IR21 Form.


Original, Additional and Amended

The very first IR21 form issued for an employee is always an Original Form. Further issuance of Form IR21 for the employee could be categorized as Additional, Amended; or 'Reprint' ( i.e. the same category as the most recent issuance of form IR21 )

The mechanism of IR21 form Classification:

A batch input which updates Infotype 0546 MUST be executed ( either through transaction SM53 or following the menu path System -> Services -> Batch Input -> Edit on pull down menu ) when an IR21 form is issued on update mode.

Report RPCT21R0 will automatically store the data of the most recent IR21 form in the system temporary storage (TemSe). This data in temporary storage will be retrieved later by report RPCT21R0 to be compared with the New IR21 Form output data.

If the comparison between the fields in the 'Old' IR21 FORM and the 'New' IR21 FORM results in negative differences, the new IR21 form will classified as an Amendment report. Basically, it will be displayed just like an Original form (complete form) but with category Amended.

If there are only positive differences after the comparison, the new IR21 form will be classified as an 'Additional' form, and only the differences are printed.

In case the most recent payroll result is overwritten by a newer payroll run, OR, there is no more payroll run after the latest IR21 form issuance, the new IR21 form will be considered as a 'Reprint' form. This means that it will have the same category as the most recent IR21 form issued.

All of the aforementioned category classification will be void if 'Forced Amendment' field in Infotype 0546 is checked. This way, the new IR21 form will be classified as an Amended Form.

Features required to be maintained (Transaction PE03) :

Feature 'RCT8A' should be configured to return the subtype for printing the 'Current Address' for Section-C of IR21. The default setting is '1' (Permanent Address).

Infotype 6, Subtype 'R1' is used to pick up the 'Residential' Address provided by Employer to the EE. This is used in Section-A of Appendix 1 of FORM IR21.

Feature 'RCT21' should be configured to return the subtype for 'Hotel Accommodation Provided' by Employer as mentioned in Section-C of Appendix 1 for FORM IR21. The default provided by SAP is 'R2'.

New Model Wage types and assigned evaluation class 11 specifications:

Please refer to table T52D4 for evaluation class 11 specifications. eg:

1. Gains & Profits from Share Options (Deferral of Tax on ESOP applicable). Wage type is MACD with specification set to 'CD'.

Process Flow to generate IR21

When the employee decides to terminate his employment and notifies to the employer atleast one month before his leaving date, the leaving event is created for this employee in infotype 0000 with the future date. Also, his bank details infotype should be set to 'Cash' or 'cheque' starting with the date when the salary/payments due to the EE should be withheld. Also, infotype 41, should contain the from date for withholding the payments with date type set to 'IR'. The Infotype 9 change will ensure that the BT record is not created & hence payment can be made later at the Employer's discretion. After these activities, the IR21 report can be run.

In the other case, if the employee is to be posted overseas, his overseas posting date is to be entered in infotype 0041 against date type 'OS'. Similarly, when an employee comes back to Singapore from an overseas assignment, his returning date is to be entered in infotype 0041 against date type 'RE'. Based on these entries, the system checks whether at the time of running the report, employee is posted overseas and his period of stay overseas exceeds 90 days. If so, IR21 report is generated for such an employee.