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Error message in down payment on asset purchase order

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While i am trying to make down payment request with reference to PO have asset number it is return an error message

*Store a cost element for credit down payments

Message no. KI165


You posted a payment to a CO-relevant object (cost center, order, and so

on). The payment is therefore recorded in CO.

If a payment has no order reference, no consumption account can be

derived. Therefore, CO posts the payment under a default cost element

created and stored during Customizing.

You have not yet maintained this default in the system.


Maintain the default cost and revenue elements in the Implementation

Guide under "Project System" for controlling area CA00.*

I don`t know what is the reason for using this cost element and which type of cost elements that i can use in this issue....

We are not use Down payment clearing account, because Our customer don`t need this account..

Please help me ASAP

Thanks for your cooperation


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Hello Hussein,

For error message KI165,please maintanin default cost element in OKEP.Down payments have to be posted in CO with cost elements. In case of purchase orders (or open items in CO), the cost element for consumption can be derived from the purchase order. Thus the down payment in CO is posted with the consumption cost element.

If the down payment does not have any reference to a purchase order, then the cost element for which the consumption will be posted is not known. In this case, the cost element maintained with OKEP is used.

The error message KI165 will occur if no cost element is maintained with OKEP - not regarding whether the actual down payment has a reference to a purchase order and thus will update in CO under the consumption cost element derived from the purchase order. This is always a source of misunderstanding - but I hope it is clear now.

OKEP configuration is absolutely necessary if you do not have a cost element assigned at the time of downpayment request creation.

If after maintaining the default cost element you get some other error then please note that you would need to check the following :

1.Compare the configuration settings for the GL accounts that are used for posting the cash call in EHP4 system with the system without the EHP4 support pack.

2.Check the controlling area settings in both the systems.

Regards Bernhard

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Dear Bernad

Thanks for your clarification, I want to clarify that i don`t need to store this default cost element my PO have asset master on it. which is have statistical cost element (type 90) but i can`t to store default cost element as you mentioned before .

So please give me another solution for this issue without going to add default cost element

Best Regards


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Hi Hussein

You will have to maintain the default cost element in OKEP.. Thats a formality...

Ideally, I dont prefer to update down payments to asset master.. For that

1. Create a New Field Status group as a copy of G067 and assign Z067 to your Vendor related recon accounts... (Special GL A)

Supress the Asset No in this Field Status Group

2. Now when you create a down payment request in F-47, you will get an error F5 378...

3. Supress this error message in OBA5 - Enter Work area as F5 in OBA5 and supress the message no 378 to W

Br, Ajay M