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Error Message AC670

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while creation of Depreciation area

Iam getting following Error Message

Error Message AC670

KIndly help in sorting out



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Hi Munender,

Do you get this error in connection with cross-company depreciation area and during a asset transfer (e.g. ABT1/ABT1N) ?

Maybe the information in SAP Note 733475 helps for further understanding regarding message AC670. It describes in combination with the note 611077, why the error AC 670 occurs.

Then you maybe need to check with transaction OABE, if you really want to have this functionality, which came new into the system with note 611077. This issue can be solved by changing customizing in OABE. If all areas in OABE are demarked the error will not occur anymore.

Let me summarize what I believe could be a slight misunderstanding:

Before the note 611077 the indicator set in OABE was not used in that way when using transaction ABT1/ABT1N. Now with that note you can have some more functions in your transfer.

Nevertheless mostly users do not use that indicator and leave it blank (only in some special cases you can set this indicator for your group areas). If you untick the dep. areas in OABE the postings should be the same as the postings before note 611077.

I hope this information helps.

Kind regards,