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Error message AC309 while assigning Accumulated DepreciaitonA/C in A090

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We are in ECC6.0, Ehp4 and using NEW GL with Leading and non Leading ledgers.

while Assigning Accumulated depreciaiton account in Book depreciaiton 01 which is linked to leading ledger 0L, I am getting the following error:


Account INT-399900 not allowed to be defined as reconciliation account

Message no. AC309


Account 399900 is defined as a reconciliation account for fixed assets for chart of accounts INT and account determination 100000. This is not correct in the circumstances (Accumulated depreciation account for ordinary depr).

Keep in mind that the Customizing definition of the given depreciation area also influences the consistency check of the G/L accounts. This is particularly true for the posting settings in the depreciation area, if the accounts are value adjustment (depreciation) accounts.


Change the account definition, or assign a different account.


If i change GL account to normal GL with out reconciliaiton account also, system is giving error message AC308, by saying key it should be reconciliation account.

I have checked SAP notes: Note 1284904 - Reconciliatn accnt permitted as accumulated depreciatn accnt,Note 1385517 - AC 309 with ledger scenario for accumulated deprec. account and found that both have been implemented.

Even if I remove target Ledgers for Depreciation areas, I am facing the same problem.

can any one suggest any specific configuration/customizing needs to be done?



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