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Error in viewing UDF in XL Reporter 2007B

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I'm trying to update XLR with a number of UDFs and got this error message:

An error occurred when trying to write to the database:

Original error message was:

A view was encountered that is not mapped in ModuleToViewMap

Viewname: ixvf_INV2 Module:SO

Anyone got an idea on how to solve this??



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I found something from FORUM which could be of help:

Having read through the replies and your answers regarding your problem with the report it seems to me that you may have some user defined field(s) in your report(s). If that is indeed the case then you need to have a look whether they are still visible to XL Reporter (Tools>User Defined Fields). My experience is that even though the udf's may be ticked in that screen you sometimes have to untick them and then retick again. Unfortunately that causes XLR to rename the fields by adding a number to them - so if the field name was 'UDelivery' it may be 'U_Delivery_0' now. You need to change the field names in your reports accordingly.

Even upgrading or restoring a database causes this problem with UDF's.

Thank you


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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HI Jac,

just check wheteher udf is added or not in XLR.

There is a Tick mark in front of udf which is included in XLR.

Try from beginig to add .