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Error in Settlement of Asset created to AuC

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Hi All,

While settling an asset which was created under AuC I have encountered the following problem:

While running the T-code AIBU the system has given me the following error:

Company code not defined in Asset Accounting

Message no. AA821


Company code is not defined for Assets Accounting.


Define company code via the Customizing menu.

I have maintained all the respective settings. Kindly help me in resolving the error.

Thanks and Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check note 459719, if it solves the problem.

This can occur in the following cases:

1. In Transaction AIAB the settlement rule which should be used to settle a line item received a time limit, that is 'To period' and 'To fiscal' year were entered. If thus the settlement rule is not valid for the current settlement period (posting period) the line item is not settled.

2. You assigned an amount rule to a line item in Transaction AIAB, however, the value 0 was posted in this line item in valuation area 01 (for example, because of the posting with a flow type restricted to valuation areas). In this case, this line item is not settled because an amount rule only refers to valuation area 01.


Use a valid settlement rule so that the affected line item is settled.

In case 1, remove the to period and to fiscal year from the settlement rule in transaction AIAB. The settlement of a line item should only be controlled by whether a settlement rule is assigned to this line item.

In case 2, use a settlement rule with percent or equivalence number because no amount is settled in valuation area 01.


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Dear Hemant,

SAP note 459719 helped in resolving the issue.

Thanks a lot,

Kanupriya Madan

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