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Error in Production order.

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I am having a problem when creating Production order through CO01 some times system says shortage of material see the log.

This error displays. Though stock is there in the system.

Why this is happening?

If we ignore the message and saved the order it will work.

Please Guide me.

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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Closing thread

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In customizing OPJK for business function 1 & 2, if am right you have activated av. check when the order is created / released. So when an order is created, an av. check is done & if the system finds some shortage, it puts a message.

In addition to the above if you need you can prevent creation / release of an order if there is shortage. So if you do not want the av. check to take place, then flag the check box no check.

Now about your statement that even though stock existing, but system putting shortage message, it could be there could be other orders which need this material & commitments are done to this order & hence there is shortage. Best idea would be to note the checking rule in OPJK & go to OPJJ & check what this rule covers.

Revert if you face any issues.



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Dear Vivek

I have checked OPJK and OPJJ in this we used PP Checking rule

Which covers


Found TICK to

Include safety stock ,stock in transfer,include quality inspection stock

TICK all

To IN/OUTWARD Movements

What to do any change required?

Please suggest

Thanks & regards


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Dear Pert,

in OPJJ, check whether check without RLT is ticked or not

if not tick it & check the result